VISION – what needs building?

Last October, I attended a retreat run by Neale Donald Walsch, in the beautiful location of Gaunts House in Dorset.  On the evening of the last day, we had a concert where the lovely Muriel was singing.  As I just watched the group of 60 odd folk gathered from all walks of life, I was moved to create a space where people could gather together and simply enjoy a spiritual experience – without needing to subscribe to a particular dogma or creed, without needing to conform – but simply a place where they could be themselves.

As I was out walking and meditating the other day, I started to understand some more of what needed to be created…. to understand what might be called ‘The Gathering’.  Although it might not!

Creating this has been high on my heart’s agenda, and recently I have been hearing the call of God to create this kind of event – a place where people can, above all, experience God, connect with each other, and experience Love.

So here’s the start of a manifesto… where people can come and be free, be loved, be accepted.

I believe in a space

– where people are accepted
– where love triumphs
– where miracles happen
– where people can grow
– where people feel safe
– where love and service can flow
– where people can find God
– where people can hear God speak
– where people are blessed
– where people can be healed

By creating a space of love where people can meet God, we will be changing lives and changing the world, with leadership, training, personal and spiritual transformation that enables people to reach their incredible potential.

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