MY STORY – Why “HeartStorm”

A friend of mine asked me the other day why I’d called my web site ‘HeartStorm’.  It was a good question – and the short answer is ‘because I felt led to’.  It seemed, somehow, that that’s what I was being asked to create – and that through that name, something would arise.

I’ve always loved the power of the storm- sometimes a storm is full of power, and passion, full of fury, and danger – and sometimes it is, as my wonderful friend Heather put it “It feels as if it’s kissing and caressing me with change, affection and warm good fortune. It’s invigorating and lovely as it strokes and touches. It protects and also challenges. It is an intelligent, suggestive and tempestuous wind that won’t suffer fools gladly and which loves a good challenge and fight. It can hurt but it also cares. It puts its heart into every gust and with its warmth it refreshes and reinvigorates.”

And yet for many of us we find ourselves in the midst of a turbulent storm.  Everything seems to be changing around us.  We seem to be at the mercy of the elements – of financial pressure, emotional pressure, of uncertainty over our jobs, our relationships, our homes, our livelihoods.  Change is happening at an unprecedented rate.  The things we held on to seem to be torn away – just like a tornado will tear a town to shreds.

What is our response to be in the midst of this turmoil?  When our minds are occupied with what might happen, when all we can see is the potential for disaster?

The answer is inside us… in our hearts.  You see, our hearts have a bigger connection.  They see the world, and they see our lives, but they are also the gateway to infinity, connecting us to an infinite resource that is bigger than any earthbound challenge that may be thrown at us.  Somewhere at the core of who we are we know this… somewhere we know the immensity of the connection that our hearts provide.

As I was thinking and meditating this morning I could actually see this – almost as if my heart opened up and revealed a connection into the totality of the Universe.  And at that point I started to begin to see a little bit more of who I am.. not just this mind and this body, but this infinite being, connected to everything… and everyone.

So HeartStorm is about reminding us that there is a place of peace in the middle of the storm… right at the centre, in the middle of the maelstrom, there is a place of safety, where we can be certain, where we can know that we are bigger than anything that this world can throw at us.  In the heart of the storm.. there is safety.  And yet there is movement, vibrancy, life, transition, change…

I want to use HeartStorm to bring peace.  Peace in people’s hearts, peace in their lives, peace in the world.  Not because nothing changes, not because all is calm… but because the storm rages, we can know , absolutely, that we are loved, we are cared for, we are protected.

You can see more at – but don’t buy anything yet – the links don’t work!

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