Whale Rider

IMG_0121A couple of years back I travelled to Hawai’i to study Huna – the islands’ shamanistic belief system. At its heart is ‘aloha’ – love – in all its many guises. The Hawai’ians believe that all the elements of creation have their message – and in particular the animals, birds and fish have a particular role in bringing wisdom to us – the ‘aumakua which connects us to our higher self. And a different ‘aumakua will guide us on different parts of our journey through this world.

The island mythology surrounding Kohola, the humpback whale, is that the whale travels between the two realms – spending time in the shallower waters around Hawai’i as well as out in the ocean far from land. And so Kohola knows the secret to finding the magical island of enchantment, through balance, swimming in different spheres – travelling the path of mystic spirituality on one side while remaining in touch with the mortal realm. Kohola is a traveller, letting his heart guide him far from land, far from guiding lights.


Kohola asks the question: do you have the courage to follow the voice of the wind, of the sea, of the stars, and travel beyond the shared horizon? Will you choose to follow the ancient call and have the faith to travel out into the distant ocean?

If you’re reading this, then I’m certain you do. So when would now be a good time to decide to follow what your heart’s been telling you?


(picture is from Rima Morrell’s ‘Hawai’ian Oracle’ cards – illustrated by Steve Rawlings)

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