Define ‘normal’

normalI see a real dichotomy in our lives at the moment – a tension that each of us tries to live with every day.

On the one hand, we want to be different, unique.. we know, instinctively somehow, that deep inside us, at the heart of our being, that we have a unique, wonderful, glittering, special gift to bring to the world. Just watch a child – they’re happy just being themselves, being different, standing out, living freely from their soul.

And on the other hand, we want to fit in, to be part of the crowd, one of the boys. We want to be safe in the invisibility that being ‘just one among many’ brings to us. We begin to notice, as we grow up, that when we behave differently we run the risk of being laughed at or being shunned. If we start to show up for life with some of the fabulous uniqueness that only we can bring, then someone gets threatened and wants to cut us down to size. And so, for fear of losing the acceptance of others, we start to shrink down, play it safe, run with the gang.

And these tensions are destroying us.

So I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is – you can never be apart from everyone else. This ‘separation’ that you experience is just an illusion. We are, truly, all one. Not just united by a common humanity, but genuinely, truthfully, all unique facets of a cosmic beauty. Even those moments when you feel totally, completely lost and alone, those moments when you feel abandoned, rejected, confused, forsaken – even in those moments you are still part of the ‘one thing’ that is the universal creative power, the divine nature.

The bad news? Well, now you know that you’re not alone – there’s no excuse for you not to shine. There’s no reason for you to shrink down and play it safe. because you’ve got nothing to lose. Sure, it’s going to feel scary. Sure, it’s going to feel a little draughty when you start to step into your true amazingness. But I will promise you this: at the core of your being you are going to start feeling just a little bit more real. Just a little bit more true. You’re going to feel as if, somehow, everything makes just a little bit more sense. And that’s going to make you even more willing to be even more incredible.

“Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?”

Jimmy Johnson, US football coach

The world isn’t waiting for you to be like everyone else, you know. It’s waiting for you to be completely, totally, incredibly uniquely you. Because only then will the world work right – when each one of us, moved by love, steps into the truth of who we are.

I have a challenge for you. Just for today – and when you enjoy it today, maybe you’ll do it tomorrow as well. And it’s simply this. If you find yourself tempted to shrink down and hide. don’t. Do the other thing. Whatever the ‘other thing’ was. You’ll know what it is. It’s what no-one else is doing, or no-one else is saying. It’s the thing that feels ‘right’. It’s the thing that seems to be motivated by love. And I’ll promise you this.. you’re going to feel awesome because you did it.

Join me?


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