heroes-box.jpgI decided I would share my programme “Walking with Heroes” on this blog…  here’s links to the whole series!


1. Meeting the Heroes

2. Discovering the Hero’s Journey

3. The Journey Revealed

4. Stuck in the Story


5. Safety and Security-The Innocent

6. Loss and Disappointment – The Orphan

7. Boundaries and Battlegrounds-The Warrior

8. Compassion and Kindness – The Caregiver

9. What moves you?


10. Exploration and Discovery–The Seeker

11. Turmoil and Chaos – The Revolutionary

12. Passion and Tenderness–The Lover

13. Design and Build-The Creator


14. Prosperity and Harmony-The Ruler

15. Creation and Transformation–The Wizard

16. Dragons and Princesses-more on magic

17. Curiosity and Wisdom–The Sage

18. Laughter and Living-The Trickster


19. Putting it Together

20. The Next Steps on the Journey


This series is based on the work of Carol S Pearson, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, among others. I am grateful to each of them for their wisdom and insight.