FROM MY JOURNAL – Live mad from the heart

The mind sabotages – stops you living in your heart.  So find a way to connect to the heart.

It’s already happening – my heart is running a huge chunk of the show.  But if my will is given over, then my heart WILL get me where I am going.

In my heart, I really just don’t care.

Let consciousness come from the heart area.  Follow my heart. … the heart is more powerful than anything.

Ask the heart to teach me, give permission to my heart to lead me.

The heart is the doorway to the universe – when we hang out there, then miracles happen.

My heart is the connection to God (whereas the mind is the connection to Earth – we are the pivot point between heaven and Earth).  It’s like a doorway – a space into infinity.

Take time to meditate on my heart.. and allow love to direct me.

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